Friday, November 27, 2015

National Swearing Day 2015

I had to look at last year’s post to find out where our new favorite tree farm is.  [Again, for my own reference, it’s  JP Landscape Tree Farm
29726 NE Cherry Valley Road, Duvall, WA 98019).]

11-27 Christmas tree 1

Dwayne is becoming quite the spirit of Christmas on SWD!  Like last year, we found the perfect, too-tall tree right away, but since it wasn’t pouring (just freezing) Dwayne had us tromp around the frost-kissed farm to make sure there was nothing more perfect-er.  And he was going for towering, not just tall. 


11-27 Christmas tree 2 (1)

We got settled on this, the one I championed from the first. 

11-27 Christmas tree 4

The kids wandered the fields warmed by the hot chocolate they got to have when we arrived at the farm.

11-27 Christmas tree 8

Before Wesley warmed himself up by the fire with a s’more, he worked hard on writing his letter to Santa.  Grandma, he really, really wants Power Ranger stuff.  Ross (and probably a lot of other stores) had a Power Ranger weapon that he has to have, and Santa did not include in his bag.


Piper made sure she got Santa’s attention as well.

11-27 Christmas tree 5

Clearly, Piper waited until after her s’more to communicate to Santa.

11-27 Christmas tree 6


Our tree was too easy to be netted, but Santa’s helpers got it on the roof anyway.

11-27 Christmas tree 7


This year, I got the lights up (it took two separate ladders), and then I left for Black Friday sales while the kids took charge of the decorating.  Though “took charge” may be overstating it in Wesley’s case. 

11-27 Christmas tree 11


Aw, my fam.

11-27 Christmas tree 9


Tada, the final product.  Our house smells so good!

11-27 Christmas tree 12

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