Saturday, November 28, 2015

I LOVE My Parents

With my new niece in town (and her parents), my siblings and I went out for a night with the 6 of us.  Last time we did this, Brian and Sandi announced their pregnancy over dinner at Russel’s.  This was our first Sib Dinner with all of us as parents—and so much fun!  Brian suggested we go out to the new McMenamins and since I made reservations a few days ahead, we were able to get a circular table in a quiet corner among all the McMenamin’s Madness. 

How were all these parents about to go out for an evening?  Because our kids have awesome grandparents.  My mom and dad watched ALL SIX kids and thanked us for dropping them off.  Yep, I’ll keep doping their cholesterol meds—I love their brand of crazy!

Grandma had the tree up and naked, ready for the kids to decorate it together. 

11-28 cousins at Grandmas 1


Here are the girls!

11-28 cousins at Grandmas 2


The boys (possibly the only time they stopped moving that night):

11-28 cousins at Grandmas 3


And Grandpa with the most delicious baby in the world sleeping in his arms.  She is adorable and I love her to bits.

11-28 Dad and Amber

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