Sunday, November 8, 2015

He Had Me At “Because it’s 2015”

From multiple news services, but USA Today in particular:

New Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he named a gender-equal cabinet "because it's 2015."

Trudeau picked 15 men and 15 women as part of a ministerial team that he says looks "like Canada".

In comparison, 4 of the 16 cabinet positions in the United States are held by women. Technically, US has 7 more “positions [that] have the status of Cabinet-rank” and 3 of them are held by women.  I’m hoping our next president follows Trudeau’s lead. 

My gratitude to Jim for pointing out the news north of us to me!

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Erin said...

As a Canadian bystander (I live here but can't vote since I'm not a citizen) I'm very curious to see how the whole Trudeau thing works out :)