Sunday, October 18, 2015

October Weekend at the Cabin

Before Dwayne and the Shultz family came to join us on the island, the kids and I had a new adventure!

We discovered the Pacific Rim Center in Coupeville and joined an Audubon society walk.  [Fun fact: South Whidbey Island gets about 36 inches of rain annually, but Coupeville, right smack in the middle of Whidbey, gets only 18-20!]  It was 3 hours of slightly trying to be interested in native prairie grasses and birds I couldn’t see, but we found some new trails to explore further on another day.

Kyla walked right along with the guide and asked, in a conservative estimation, about a thousand questions.

10-17 whidbey audobon walk 2

The hallowed native prairie grasses.  It’s dull yet important work. 

10-17 whidbey audobon walk 1

The forest trails were more interesting—we had a lot more fun once we left the guided tour.  It can take avid bird-watchers several hours to walk a mile or two, I’ve learned.  I don’t do that pace, even with kids.

10-17 whidbey audobon walk 3

I love, love, love the Bayview Farmer’s Market (May-October, Saturdays 10-2).  We met Daddy and friends there for Filipino and African food and lots of shopping. 

Piper was most excited about the grasshoppers she was catching.

10-17 Bayview Farmers market 1

Wesley just strikes a pose.

10-17 Bayview Farmers market 2

But Evelyn found poppies in October!

10-17 Bayview Farmers market 3

And then, because Jeremy hasn’t been to the cabin before, we had to try to kill him by taking him down to the beach—at high tide in the fog.  You’re welcome, J!

They were on their way to Hawaii in their boat last time I checked. 

10-18 Cabin beach with Shultz 1

Cool shot, huh? 

10-18 Cabin beach with Shultz 3

Great weekend, M&J!  Next time, maybe the kids will sleep. 

[Ha!  It’s been three years and our kids haven’t really learned to sleep well at the cabin.  But they don’t really sleep well at home, either, so I can’t judge.]

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