Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How Our House Sleeps

Wesley and Piper have been getting along too well lately…their individual superpowers for obnoxiousness more than double when they are together.  And at bedtime when they want to sleep together, it doesn’t turn off quickly.

We quickly stepped in and quickly decreed Wesley had to sleep with Kyla and Piper could still have the cats.  [If you’re wondering why we didn’t send Wesley to his own bedroom—because he does have one—it’s because Kyla woke me up at dark 0’clock two nights in a row because she didn’t have anyone to snuggle.  I throw her a Wesley, and everyone sleeps better.]





The complete inability for any of us to sleep by ourselves is a tad embarrassing.  I suspect that Dwayne got bitten by a radioactive ferret when he was younger and the ability to sleep in ferret heaps is his contagious superpower.  It’s not as cool as shooting webs from your palms, but it’s all we’ve got.

Baby pictures of our kids:

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