Sunday, October 11, 2015

Must Play on Sunny Sundays!

I’m not ready to buy pumpkins yet, but I’ll spring for some playtime at a farm!  Wesley had a nap, all the kids had lunch, and we were ready to have a few hours of fun at Dr. Maze’s Farm. (If you go, just skip the “hay ride”, especially if only one tractor is running.  Kyla and I waited an hour to have a bumpy ride through the back, uninteresting parts of the farm with no tour guide to make it more pleasant.)

My lil’ pumpkins.WP_20151011_13_00_00_Pro


If only this would satisfy her desire for a real horse.



Yep, I’m sure it’s just like riding a real horse, Sweetie.



Wesley spent an hour on this. Naps are good for him.


My favorite scarecrow! 


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