Monday, December 22, 2014

We Interrupt this Blog…

“MO-om, Kyla’s stuck and we can’t get her out!”

“Did Pooh-Bear get stuck in Rabbit’s Hole?” I call out as I put down my computer and book to rescue a bear stuffed with fluff.

“I’m not a Pooh-Bear!  I’m just stuck and can’t go up or down and my stomach is really starting to hurt!”

We are at the cabin and when I last checked on then, the three were playing baby and Piper was reading them all bedtime stories.  I thought I’d get an hour of P&Q (Peace and Quiet) to blog and read. That lasted long enough to boot the computer and find where I left off in my book.

She was stuck between the top bed and the wall. Luckily, the bed wasn’t so heavy that I couldn’t move the bed while laughing.  She grinned good naturedly and thanked me. 

I was just starting work on a blog post when I heard again, “MO-om, Wesley’s stuck!”

Same spot my friends. I’m never going to caught up on blogging.


PS  I got about 30 minutes of nonconsecutive P&Q over a 4 hour block.

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