Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thanks, Santa!

 DSCN1964This year’s Christmas (brought to us by and Trader Joe’s) is infamous for the amount of surface debris caused by all of Santa’s bounty.  Then we went downstairs and Skyped with some CA family, unwrapping gifts together, and making an another entire carpet vanish under torn wrapping paper and fillers.  Then one hour to clean up before family arrives—whew!  It should have been the beginning of total madness, but the entire day was beautiful, relaxed, and perfectly warm in the company of loved ones. 

DSCN1973 DSCN1971


How stereotypical of me—Kyla and Piper each get dolls and Wesley gets a new bow and arrow.  However, the girls each picked out the doll they wanted to get for Christmas (and I really had not planned on getting Kyla another doll) and Wesley has been waiting months and months for a new bow, since his last set broke. 


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