Friday, December 26, 2014

It IS Better to Give

Dwayne’s surprise came a little later than everyone else’s on Christmas morning.  The kids and I waited until he was in the shower, then frantically moved furniture around in our bedroom, then pushed the surprise from Piper’s closet to it’s new place in our room.  I vacuumed the floors, arranged everything just so, and plugged it in, and still have plenty of time to enjoy Dwayne’s gift until he was out of the shower.


To say he was surprised is to give him the greatest credit of trying very hard of having no clue about his gift, in spite of huge cardboard boxes badly hidden around the house and enormous bulges barely covered by Piper’s closet doors and dire warnings about what to not notice.

Somewhat abashedly, I confess I absolutely love this new spot in our room, and I spend more and more time there, currently as a Patrick Rothfuss-addict and avid homework avoider. 

Thanks, Babe, for an excuse to give you the gift you’ve always wanted and finding out it’s perfect…for me!

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