Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve, Our Style


Our end-of-year tradition is that Dwayne takes our orders and creates a fantastic dinner, made-to-order.  This year, the kids and I made it easy on him and all demanded his famous sliders. 

But he started off with a melted Asagio (cheese) flambee, which was a spectacular fireworks display.



But then…the burgers. De-lish, Babe!



And then we had just enough time to get down to Bellevue Square for the last night of Celebration Lane (which is what Snowflake Lane turns into when Christmas strikes midnight). 


This penguin stole my Santa hat!  His beak must have been pretty cold.


Stilted costumes were handing out kazoos, an important addition to any New Year’s party.


I find it impossible to not dance at these things, even weighed down by a child or two.  


Showing off his talents, Wesley tries to catch snowflakes with his tongue.  Except those aren’t actual snowflakes, baby. 



And the best part?!  Keith and Julie were there, too!  Parker and Cecily are awesome cousins.


So long, 2014!  Can’t wait to meet you, 2015!

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