Saturday, April 27, 2013

Last Shots of the Rope Swing

We went to the Island for 6 days over Spring Break.  We made it to the beach Friday and then not again until Monday.  Over the weekend, the rope swing had been cut, quite high up, so it simply couldn’t be used.  My friend, Jen, found these pictures of the kids using it in mid-March.

3-24 beach with drury's 1


Never fear, beach.  Dwayne and I have already bought a replacement rope and do0hickey.  I’m also looking to upgrade it with a disc swing—looking on craigslist right now!


Hey, Buddy, you smile a lot. Thanks.

3-24 beach with drury's 5


I just love how pretty the death-defying trip down to the beach is.

3-24 beach with drury's 8

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