Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Play, Play, Play, That’s All We Ever Do

Six days at the cabin. Three friends and 4 kid friends.  Three sunny days.  It was one of the best times on Whidbey yet.


I always think I’m overpacking for the cabin, but at the end of almost every day, I have a full load of laundry to do (shake sand out first) and the kids all seem to be down to their last clean, intact pair of pants.  This is Piper’s second (of three) outfits and it’s only noon,

4-15 cabin beach with tyler mailee 2


And another thing to add to the list of Things That Make Me Wet My Pants:  Runny up the skate park and vaulting over the top.  (Laughing and sneezing generally top the list.)

4-15 denise park


There are so many things to do at a skate park when you don’t have wheels. 

1) Rip your pants.  (Kyla)

2) Rip your pants. (Piper)

3) Rip your pants. (Wesley)

4) Wet your pants. (Anonymous)

4-15 kyla park


This girl knows how to enjoy herself.  If only she had a cold root beer in that hand.

4-15 Kyla tire swing


Again, this child just needs a beach and some shells to keep her busy for a long, long time. Four hours, in fact, as long as I feed her occasionally.

4-16 clinton beach with friends 2


This is worth preserving, simply because Wes is still wearing his clothes.  While near water.  (Hint: it won’t last.)

4-16 clinton beach with friends 3


Tyler didn’t have to convince Wesley too much of the Greatness of Construction Trucks at the beach.

4-16 clinton beach with friends 4



4-16 clinton beach with friends 10

One of the many, many times Wes stripped down to his skivvies over the week we were on Whidbey.  I’m actually going to buy him boxers next week to be slightly more socially acceptable.  If 3-year olds can ever be socially acceptable.

4-16 clinton beach with friends 12


Piper: You know what would be a really, really good idea?  Using these old trucks as roller skates to go down this sand pile!

4-16 clinton beach with friends 23


Wesley:  I am so in!  I don’t have pants or shoes on, so I’m set.
Wesley: I’m down. 

Wesley: That was fun!

4-16 clinton beach with friends 24


Tyler:  What could go wrong?

4-16 clinton beach with friends 26


Piper decides to fall on her face this time instead of her bum again.  She really likes to mix stunts up!4-16 clinton beach with friends 19


The last picture possibly to ever be taken on my camera.  Piper snapped some shots of Wes falling asleep on me.  The camera hasn’t worked since. 

4-16 clinton beach with friends 33

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