Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wesley Anecdotes


Phrases that escape his mouth too often:

“Listen to me.”

“Mom.        Me.” (He take mommy and makes it into two very distinct, impatient sentences, and adds a dash of aggravation.)

“Mom.       Me.   Listen to me!”

“This is so deLISHous.”

“That’s my favorite.  But I don’t weally like it.”  (?!)


Wesley has been completely diaper-free for a while, and has had just one or two accidents at night.  Until the other night.  Dwayne was out and the kids were wound up well after I had put them to bed. Then I found out they were playing drinking games.  Yes, read that again.  My kids discovered drinking games.  Luckily, they have not discovered alcohol, but they were drinking a lot of tap water.  I came upstairs, sent them all to the potty, then to their own rooms (a killer punishment for them on a Saturday night).  Wesley just couldn’t settle, so I decided to go to bed and read and let him sleep with me.  He fell asleep right away, curled up against my back.  Twenty minutes later, I was soaked.  He peed the bed so much I had to change my underwear (and everything else).   He peed so much, I had to change the waterproof mattress cover.  He peed so much, the mattress was soaked under the waterproof mattress cover, which I didn’t realize at first, and I had to change into my third set of PJ’s for the night.  He peed so much that after I showered while still holding his sleeping self in my arms, and put him in a last remaining diaper, I had to put in next to a sleeping Piper because Dwayne and I had to sleep in his bed for the next two nights while I cleaned and dried our mattress.  It was so epic that it’s actually worth bragging about.   If one can call  complaining “bragging”.



After over a year of not napping, Wesley has started taking naps again if we are ever in the car for than 10 minutes in the afternoon.  SAM_4728This afternoon, he was still sleeping when we got home.  After getting the girls settled, I returned to the car with the tablet so I could read in peace.  He woke up, wanted to be held, then immediately went back to sleep in my arms.  While he was sleeping, he laughed, smiling so happily with his eyes shut.  While he was snoring, I kept reading all the updates about the local teenage girl who went missing two days ago.  While he shifted in my arms and grabbed my hand in his sleep, I read that the helicopter above our home earlier that morning was part of the search team I had seen right outside our neighborhood.  While he snuggled deeper into my arms, I opened the email from a neighbor who is always the first to find things out—no point in praying any more.  When he yawned, I found out that the police were contacting her parents, who live just one street over from ours, before publicly declaring that her remains had been found a stone’s throw from Kyla’s school.  No foul play suspected, she “passed away unexpectedly”.  Yeah, suicide.   It was a good day to hold my sleeping child for two hours.  And hug them all a bit extra.

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