Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pretty Sure It’s Always Sunny on the Island

When we spent a few summers looking for property, we had a saying:  It’s always sunny on the Island!  And, of course, since we only went on beautiful weekends, it always was. 
Now that we have a cabin there, we’ve been there in all weather but snow.  (Missed it actually by 24 hours!)  But it’s never better when the sun is real and not just in our imaginations.
We were 3o seconds off the ferry when the kids begged us to go to “that beach”.  We did.

The kids have been adding to this collection under the log for the last two months.  It’s usually modified somewhat whenever we visit, but it’s still a source of joy.

The kids were still playing in the sand when I came across a note in the local paper I had grabbed on the ferry: Community Egg Hunt at 2pm!  It was 1:3o and I knew we could make it.  After all, it was Family Adventure Day.  And sunny.

I’m still attempting to get a good shot of the three of them.

We hunted lots of eggs and then decorated cookies.254

And one can’t decorate cookies without eating them.  There was something about this old porch and the kids concentrating on their snacks that just seemed like a shot out of Grandma’s photo album.  Can’t get all the kids to look at me at the same time, but I still like it.

Wesley won a DIY birdhouse, so we made it a family project while we were there.  You are asking yourself, what could go wrong?265

We actually got quite far before Piper hammered my thumb.270

Doesn’t Wes look like he’d be perfectly ecstatic to drill through my fingers?

Daddy escaped all injury. And apparently, Kyla escaped the hairbrush this morning.

Do you know how much straw that hair can collect?277

And after all of that fun, we couldn’t tear them away from rolling down the hill, over and over. 

Kyla: Make a wish, Mommy!
Me: I wish for more dandelions in the world!

Our kids have a pretty blessed childhood—and I’m taking the pictures to prove it!

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