Monday, January 21, 2019

Three Day Weekend at the Cabin

We were so fortunate that the cabin was available for MLK weekend!  Kyla was going to be at Winter Camp all weekend, but I had already been asked to watch my niece and nephew for at least part of the weekend and also was going to take Piper's BFF to the cabin for the weekend.  So I had 2 of my own, and then 3 extra kids (plus the cabin neighbor girl I would adopt in a heartbeat, who is Wesley's age and is distinguished by being adored by all my children, even when they don't adore each other).

The boys shared a room the first night together before Cecily got there, and this is what it looked liked after about an hour of arriving.

Piper and Abs took it upon themselves to clean it up while also minding their 3 dolls.

I got talked into taking all the kids down to "our" beach (again, before Cecily arrived).

Yep, the older girls took off their shoes and rolled up their pants while playing with the beach January.  Go ahead, you can shiver while you read this.

I tried to read, blog, and prep Math Team that weekend, but that many kids in a small space doesn't give me many places to hide.  Next cabin project...

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