Thursday, January 24, 2019

Piper’s Win

There are few things that make me kick-in-the-gut proud than seeing something I love about myself blossoming in my children.  Since becoming a homeowner, I’ve prided myself on fixing/problem-solving/engineering what is not working.

Tonight, Piper was microwaving her frozen strawberries, but the platter wasn’t turning.  She allowed me to be her advisor and assistant, but she was going to fix it.  Within an hour, we had removed the bottom layers of the appliance, all to get to the little piece that connects the upper plastic dohickey to the thingabob underneath that rotates it.  Not only did we fix that, we cleaned out all the years of collected grease, and to understate the complexity of this, put it all back together.  I got to show Piper the time honored tradition of putting tricky pieces together only to realize you forgot a piece.…and redoing everything. 

In fact the only one in the room more proud of Piper than me, was her. 

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