Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Pig Pickin’

Defined: A pig pickin' (also known as rolling a pig, pig pull, pig roast or, among the Cajun, "cochon de lait") is a type of party or gathering held primarily in the American South which involves the barbecuing of a whole hog.

12-31 Pig Pickin' 1

Friends, we got invited to a New Year’s Eve Pig Pickin’ on South Whidbey Island…and it was so fun! It was a friend of a friend invitation, and no one will be surprised they spent time in North Carolina before moving up here.

Using “man-legos” (aka cinder blocks), a huge oven was built on the back porch, and the pig that had bit one of their friends was chosen to be the sacrifice.

12-31 Pig Pickin' 4

There were bonfires, friends, fireworks, and lots of sweet pork.  Great, great evening, so thanks Ruth!

12-31 Pig Pickin' 6

12-31 Pig Pickin' 10

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