Monday, December 5, 2016

How I’m Trying to Sell a Kid Desk on Craigslist

For Parents:
This master art kid desk will fill your child with a deep sense of purpose and perseverance.  Your child will crave to become an organized genius while practicing the skills to become a wildly acclaimed architect, artist, author, or actuary. The exterior cubbies are just right for organizing your child's magazines and award-winning novels, and everyone will coo over the secret compartment for unfinished work. The built-in battery-operated light gives your child the sense of feeling grown up will reducing eye-strain.  You will appreciate how the stool is just the right size for your child, and slides perfectly under the desk to be out of the way when your child is not using it.  You'll love what this desk can inspire in your child!

For kids:
This sturdy desk will take you places you've never been!  With no sharp corners, a stool, and the desk itself, you can leverage it to climb places you've previously been denied!  Need to hide candy wrappers from parents?  No problem!  Just lift up the top of the desk and throw it in there!  Want to drive your parents crazy with another lost library book?  Toss it in the cubbies behind the desk, and they will never find it!  Works well for more expensive CDs and DVDs, too.  Stuff toy cars, broken crayons, doll clothes, and dirty underwear in any of its easy-to-reach storage spaces.  The best part is the light that you can turn on after your foolish parents think you are a sleep.  The light itself practically doubles the mischief you can make.  You'll love what this desk can inspire in you!

Great for kids ages 2-6.  Come take a look--Santa can hold on to it until Christmas Eve for you.

[No nibbles yet.]

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