Friday, November 7, 2014

Harvest Moon


There are a lot of things about heading to the cabin that can be stressful—packing up clothes and food for the 4 of us (Dwayne packs his own clothes and is usually there just one night), cleaning up the house, remembering all the things the kids will need for therapy and tutoring for 4 days, their favorite audiobooks, the coats and boots they should have worn to school that day but didn’t--you know, all those things that fall under the role of “Primary Care Giver”.* Then there’s Wesley, asking “Can we go now?  Now? Now?”.  Snacks and water have to be ready in the car when I pick up the girls at the top of the neighborhood to manage risk of tantrums and fighting.  Ideally, we get to the ferry quickly enough that we only have to wait an hour at 5pm on a Friday, again still keeping the sibling peace for as long as possible.  So when we get on the ferry against a beautiful sunset backdrop and off the ferry with an incredible harvest moon rising close enough to grab from the car deck, it feels like a really great end to a hectic day and a good omen for a four-day weekend at the cabin.



*I just finished a book that could be categorized “feminist non-fiction”, and she points out that one parent is unquestionably the one in charge of scheduling all dental appointments, and the other parent simply isn’t.  The parent who does is certainly the PCG. In our house, Dwayne is in charge of all his own vision and dental appointments, and I take care of me and the kids.  If you know us at all, that is not even a little surprising.

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