Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Real Camping. Okay, close enough.

DSCN1286We left church camp early enough Sunday morning so that we could get home and repack for another camping trip.  Dwayne showed up for part of church camp, but we left him at home to meet my parents at a local county park for a few nights.  It’s real camping because we had to put up our behemoth tent (not a one-person job), but modified, because my parents had their brand new camper and my Magnificent, Wonderful, Saintly Mother did all the cooking and cleaning up.  It’s about the only way I enjoy camping. 

And after a day at the sand beach and shallow swimming area, we topped it off with almost all the s’mores we can eat. I did make the s’mores, even an extra one or two for my mom, since she more than earned it!

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting us tag along with you, like four parasites!


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