Sunday, October 5, 2014

Down at the (Pumpkin) Farm

We celebrated Sandi’s 30th (!!) birthday in Oregon and played (and ate) as much as we could.  We started with a pumpkin farm adventure. 



Pumpkin bowling turned out to be a hit!

DSCN1726 DSCN1728 DSCN1736 


As did the rubber ducky races.



Sandi is always a favorite of Kyla, and Piper joined in, too.  [Wesley stuck close to Grandpa, who was carrying the kettle corn. I’m sure it was a coincidence.]



How tall this fall?  It would be fun to take these pictures every year.  Even if the scarecrow’s measuring stick is not calibrated correctly.  Kyla’s definitely over 4 feet!

DSCN1748DSCN1750 DSCN1749 


I try to get one good shot a year of all the kids.  It’s only October, so fortunately, I’ve got a few more months.



The pictures get a little better with Brian and Sandi, but it now looks like they are the parents, and who wants to wish that on anyone??


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