Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday on the Beach

I’m 40!  That would be a bigger change if I hadn’t considered myself “almost 40” since I turned 39.  School gave us a four-day weekend with Veteran’s Day on Tuesday, so we got to spend some time at the cabin.

I love taking pictures of the kids at the beach. I got two shots in before Piper borrowed the camera and used up the battery.

DSCN1791 DSCN1789


But thanks to Pipes, there’s a picture of me on my birthday!  I’m talking to my mom, thanking her for giving birth to me. I’ve thanked her every Nov. 10th since pushing out my own children. 



In the afternoon, friends came over and we spent the afternoon at Double Bluff beach.  In spite of hanging out there dozens of times, I’ve never walked further than 100 feet down this gorgeous beach.  I played the Mom Card and insisted we actually walk—which turned out to be a marvelous adventure.

WP_20141110_15_17_58_Pro WP_20141110_14_37_35_Pro

I love this shot of Wesley’s long shadow.  I insisted he wear pants on a chilly November day at the beach, but he still kicked off his boots as soon as he hit the sand and rolled up his sweats. 






In between insisting they can’t walk another step and wanting to go back, the kids were enthralled finding jellyfish, crabs, shells, climbing over a “tree bridge” and getting themselves soaked and sandy.


And I have some really wonderful girlfriends who texted, emailed, or voice-mailed me birthday wishes—even though I’m not on Facebook.  Thanks, beloveds!

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