Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool’s

Last year, I played a few April Fool’s pranks on the kids.  They brought it up occasionally over the year and then started really setting high expectations for it as we got closer and closer to the day. By planning in advance (365 days, in fact), I had managed to set myself up for failure and the kids for disappointment. 

I won’t do anything mean or that causes me ridiculous amounts of work (putting saran wrap over the toilet loses on both counts), so I like doing silly things.  This year, I made hamburgers and french fries for breakfast with a glass of orange juice (and if that looks like a sausage patty between two pancakes and Julienne cut apples, as well as orange Jell-O, well, there’s no fooling you either!).

2014 066

2014 067

The kids liked it, except for the eating it part, but quickly just wanted to know what my next trick was going to be.  I’m kinda of a one-trick pony, and any residual magic had to be used to get them to school on time while retaining part of my soul and some of their hearing.  Sigh.

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