Saturday, February 16, 2013

Piper’s is Fully Five Now

After her joint birthday party with her brother last week, her V-day party at preschool on Wednesday, her birthday on Thursday, and cupcakes for her birthday at preschool on Friday, we were finally able to wrap up her birthday this morning with a  family brunch at our house. 

Grandma knitted her this sweater. 

2-16 Pipers party 6


I’m not sure if Piper could tell you which she likes better:  birthday presents or birthday cake.

2-16 Pipers party 1

2-16 Pipers party 3


We made a T-Rex cake pan that I found at a thrift store last week.  The tail was about 1/2” think and the head was closer to 1 1/2”.  (Maybe that’s why it was so cheap? I’m definitely going to get my $3 out of it over the next few years!)  I ixnayed the frosting after so much sugar this week, but we had ice cream with it, which is a little bit better after a big brunch and long walk.


Can you tell I let Piper decorate her own cake?

2-16 Pipers party 5


Piper, I don’t have the words to tell you how much I love you, but I will try to say them every day anyway!

2-16 Pipers party 7

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