Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday Fun—Efficiently!

Piper’s and Wesley’s birthdays are a month apart and they are young enough that I was able to throw one party for them this year.  In fact, being the younger kids with winter birthdays, they’ve only had family and playgroup parties.  So this year, I decided to go big and throw them a joint birthday party at Jump Planet with all the kids they actually know and play with, which  means play group, neighbors, and church (many of the kids from friendships Dwayne and I have had before anyone of us were dating each other—so cool our friends’ kids are our kids’ friends!)

So happy birthday, my beloved children.snow day 089

snow day 057snow day 045

snow day 056snow day 049

snow day 054

snow day 080snow day 072

snow day 066


snow day 068

snow day 087snow day 088


And our official non-cake eater!  Isn’t she darling? 

snow day 096

My neighbor gave me the best compliment:  “Wow, the kids exercised for an hour, ate a really healthy dinner, and now don’t want to leave because they are reading books.  That’s a good party!”  I blushed and stammered and beamed.

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