Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boot Bench!!

I posted earlier about a boot/shoe bench I was building for the cabin out of scrap lumber leftover from making bunky boards (for the four kids’ beds at the cabin) out of 3/4” birch plywood 4’x8’s.  I had an image of what is should look like months ago, but I’ve done enough projects to know that my head and my hands don’t always connect.

I started here:

bookshelf 001[4]


Quickly turned it into this:

1-31 Boot bench 1


Got sick/tired/distracted by Downton Abbey and it took me two weeks to turn that into: 2-14 boot bench


And after coats and coats of paint (cheap paint over expensive primer is still….cheap paint on plywood), it actually turned out just as I had dreamed.  And, yes, I daydream about such things as boot benches.  It is sturdy and rustic and practical and useful and cost me all of a gallon of cheap red paint and the use of my garage for a month to park the minivan.


I can’t say much for the architect, but the engineer and general handywoman did a great job making somewhat sketchy measurements fit perfectly into its spot.


Now you will have to excuse me.  I need to go ice my shoulder.  I may have patted myself a little too much over this project. 

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Brian Kruger said...

That is amazing craftsmanship. Way to go!