Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Point for Wesley


You can say a lot about Wesley, and I do, but I’m going to give him an A+ for taking care of me when I’m down.

On Monday, I got the 4am flu, the 4th (and last?!?) of us to succumb.  Dwayne stayed at home and took care of…well, everything.  I didn’t even leave my bedroom until about 10 o’clock that night.  When Wesley was allowed to visit me after school, he came so gently on the bed, put one cool hand on my forehead, another on my cheek, and I will have a forever-picture in my heart of his blueberry eyes gazing into mine, and telling me, “It’s okay, Mama.  I’m just checking for a fever. I brought you medicine if you need it,” nodding toward the bottle of cherry-flavored children’s Tylenol he had left on my side table.  He read me books, and snuggled up with me so he could have more Mama time.

More than canceling Easter, Sick Mama really throws the kids off, but they all reacted sweetly and helpfully. 

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