Sunday, November 13, 2016

Adventure Weekend in Bellingham!

Romantic weekends away are not that rare for us, but taking the kids along was a first.  Dwayne got us an awesome room on the Bellingham Bay, and we were going to make the most of our (November) weekend in a beautiful town.

We were there too early to check in to our hotel, so I took us to Whatcom Falls, a trip down memory lane as that’s where dumb college students jump the falls.  I was a dumb college student.

Isn’t it gorgeous?





And this was our view over the bay…from our (squeal!) window seat.DSCN0362

We took the kids to their first Theater Sports, owned by former Who’s Line is it Anyway star, Ryan Stiles.  It was a family-friendly event, but our kids were the youngest by a decade or more.  Uh hm, there’s a reasonable chance that Dwayne and I were about a decade older than the rest of the audience.  Stupid college towns.

On Saturday night, Dwayne got us a sunset reservation at Chuckanut Manor.  It wasn’t the restaurant we both thought it was, but it was lovely.  Sunset, at least in PNW November, meant about 4:30, so it was an early dinner. DSCN0393


I tried raw oysters for the first time.  The one with the horseradish was excellent…and nearly deadly.  DSCN0394





The night was beautiful, so when we got back, I played the Mom Card and suggested we all go for a walk.


The hotel is at the beginning of a long boardwalk, eventually connecting with another park and the Interurban Trail.  I love walking with Kyla!  When the others had given up and gone back, Kyla begged to go on and on. We walked for miles together that night, and I will treasure that memory forever.


As we left Bellingham on Sunday, I had us stop at Lake Padden for another little family walk.  I decided to not tell any in the car that it was a 2.6 mile hike around the lake until we were back in the car munching on chocolate bars.  Wesley kept up with Kyla and me, complaining the entire time, while Piper and Dwayne walk their own pace. The kids were all proud of how far they walked…even though the grumblings lasted for days later. 

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