Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or Treat!

Me likey Monday Halloween!

WP_20161028_17_45_59_Pro The kids when to party at the Rock Climbing gym on Friday and I was able to go to a (grown up) party on Saturday night, get my vomiting pumpkin (see nauseous blue one below) ready for kyla mama halloween 1Monday’s parties, and have a fairly relaxing Halloween day.  I was at all 3 kids parties that day, so nothing else was on the schedule.


The kids were ready to trick-or-treat through the neighborhood before I was ready to take them, so they went on their own.  I missed out on seeing neighbors, but I got us ready for the neighborhood bonfire.  (That’s a fancy term for me setting up our little fire pit in front of our island, and packing over chairs, hotdogs, s’mores, and our jack-o-lanterns in a wheelbarrow.) The kids brought their candy, some neighbors, and their appetites.  The rain held off until bedtime and I chalked one up for a perfect Halloween!


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