Friday, May 22, 2015

Never Enough Funny Wesley Pictures

A friend gave Wesley a clown nose, which has been pretty fun. At least until he found another place to put it on.  Must, must, must be a boy thing.



Ahem, this makeshift nose is bigger.  Is this a boy thing, too?


Neither Wesley nor I can say why he’s putting a brick down his pants.


He’s all active until he wants his refueling snuggle with Mama.



This shot cracks me up. I love how he prepped for his street island adventure.  And then decided not to come inside to use the bathroom, and just remove his underwear instead.  I’m still scratching my head…while laughing.



The girls simply climbed on the garbage cans to break into the house (that’s the garage keypad he’s reaching for).  I like Wesley’s improper use of his bike.


What happens when Wesley gets my camera.


This is from preschool.  The picture on the left is captioned “I am dancing for my mom and dad” as drawn in September.  The right-hand one is from May and says, “I am walking cat, Timmy.”  He drew himself in his underwear.  It may be one of the few bits of evidence that he occasionally wears said clothing.



Wesley poses at beach and then is distracted by his water gun.

  IMG_0380 IMG_0352

And sometimes the kid just melts my heart.

IMG_0238 IMG_0245 IMG_0211

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