Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Afternoon

IMG_0101 A friend from Wesley’s Pre-K often takes her grandson to a park after school on Friday and invites Wesley to go with them, giving me a few of the free hours I get during the week.  Today, I caught up with them later in the afternoon  at Miner’s Corners Park.  It has water, sand, and sticks for swords and guns.  Wesley and Westin were in heaven.



Then the girls come home from school and we head to the pool for an afternoon of swim lessons and play.  We usually do a “Grab an Ab” (pick up Piper’s best friend, Abby), swim, and then come back for pizza.  And then I’m pretty done with the kids as we finish up or school week.  Phew!


The “Ab” we grab.


My beautiful mermaid. 

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