Sunday, April 12, 2015


You’d never know we have 6 beds at the cabin—4 twins and two queens.  The kids squeeze in as close as they can and, in the case of Piper and Cecily, squeeze me out of my own bed. 

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The girls and I had an agreement.  For some reason, Piper and Cecily have really hit it off lately. (Cynics may say because they have the potential to be equally…spirited… children in spite of their angelic looks.)  So when the cousins spent two nights at the cabin, Piper became Cecily’s mini-mama.  To the point, Cecily would squeal, “That’s my Mommy, that’s my Mommy!” whenever Piper was around.  Piper dressed her, brushed her teeth, got her in and out of her car seat, slept with her, read to her, played with her, lifted her in and out of her high chair, and generally took really good care of her.

Kyla took over the care of the boys (who called themselves mini-daddies).  Of course, she had twice the kids but a lot less work.  And her ability to fully hold responsibility doesn’t shock me one bit, but I still can’t forget to give her full credit.  Well done, daughters!

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