Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day


[Dwayne demonstrates to Kyla how pi was calculated before calculators.]




I at least know pi out to 4 decimal places now, thanks to this particularly special Pi Day!  To celebrate, Dwayne and I tackled an American Test Kitchen recipe for Chicken Pot Pie…and it was scrumptious!  (Full disclosure, I did not make, nor do I intend to ever make, my own pie crust when I can so easily buy it in the refrigerated section of any grocery store.  For the kids, I used gluten-free biscuits.)


WP_20150314_18_51_23_ProWe invited Mom, Dad, and Jim over to celebrate with us.  For being NPR listeners, my parents somehow did not  know about Pi  Day, which really means they need to stop listening to the jazz part of their preferred station.

I am no idiot, because my mom came with one of her famous homemade pumpkin pie, and a crustless one for my GF kids, and Jim brought the wine. 

Seriously, Pi Day should come around more often (Saturdays work particularly nicely!).  What a great evening!


Hmm, was the camera stealing nips from my wine glass?  This is the only picture I got of our tribe.


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