Friday, August 1, 2014

Family Fun Day at Remlinger Farms

I have no memory of why Dwayne took this day off, but we decided to make it into a family holiday.

Remlinger Farms is technically a farm but really makes its money off all it’s kid-friendly rides and attractions.  Rides really aren’t Dwayne’s thing but I like them enough for the both of us.  I thought Wesley, especially, would follow in my footsteps.

So we found the easiest ride around—the canoe ride. By yourself or with your sister, you can sit down in a canoe and let it float around a loop back to your mom and dad. 


Wesley would NOT step into the boat. 

So after running around the hay maze and exploring old mines, we eventually ended up near the roller coaster and Wesley ran right to the line and when it was our turn, took the front seat.  No hands, shrieks of glee and “Again! Again!”.  We ran from the exit right back to the short line.  Three times in a row, my friends. DSCN0902


Eventually we went back the canoes and he happily got on this one:


The kid doesn’t have his fear priorities straight.



I could have stayed all day, but Dwayne was kind of done with the park and wanted to go see his friend who lived nearby.  Next year, I’ll take the kids myself so I can play harder.  I bet my mom will want to come!

DSCN0962  DSCN0870 DSCN0873 DSCN0879  DSCN0894   DSCN0918DSCN0915  DSCN0935

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