Sunday, August 24, 2014

Camp Casey

 DSCN1270  Our church went to Whidbey Island for our annual church camp.  It was the best church camping weekend yet, and it’s because we got a dorm room instead of a campsite.  Denise didn’t have to set up the tent and everything else involved in sleeping in an area without indoor plumbing, electrical outlets, and real beds. But what really made it great was our time with friends, both for Dwayne and I, and especially for the kids.  However, my camera seemed to only notice the kids.  They were being extra fun.

The actual fort is always interesting. 



Evelyn and Wes hit it off Saturday afternoon.  She likes to mother and he likes to have all his whims immediately catered to.  It was a perfect match.DSCN1241




Kyla ignored the stairs and found a cliff to clamber up instead.


I took the all the kids through some of the battlements.  We spotted an enemy ship preparing to attack, so we fired our cannon to warn them off.  (We would have sunk the ship, but the old artillery wasn’t that accurate.)  The kids took turns lighting the fuse, but it was always Wesley’s job to load the barrel with small pebble cannon balls.    DSCN1257



Then we’d count down from ten, and the kids would take cover in the hidey holes in the stone walls.  After the big KABOOM, they would come running out to see if the ship was still there.  We did this for a surprising long time.



The funniest moment was when I asked kids to grab their imaginary binoculars and Mabel got upset because we were out of them.  I told her to check the other shelf for more imaginary binoculars and she was very happy to find more there.  I am constantly amazed how their brains work.  Or don’t work, as the case may be.  (Yeah, I have a lot of Wesley stories coming up.)

Great weekend, friends!


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