Thursday, May 22, 2014

End Of Year

The school year winds down, but since I have three children if 5 different schools (which made Valentine’s Day a bear), there were recitals in the preschools as well as the elementary.  But the Montessori is the most fun.  Since Piper and Wes are both in this afternoon program, I really got to see the difference between the youngest and oldest students in this multi-age classroom.  The class writes a play together and different children recite poems and sing songs.  Piper, as one of four graduating, Kindergartners, got a little extra “show off” time. 


 5-22 Montessori Program 45-22 Montessori Program 25-22 Montessori Program 135-22 Montessori Program 14  As my friend  who has a 6-year-old boy (who played the prince in their Cinderella skit) remarked, the three-year-old boys do turn into princes…eventually.

5-21 piper book


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