Friday, May 16, 2014

A Golden Anniversary

Dwayne’s parents were married 50 years ago today.  That’s worth celebrating, so a few days ago, we jumped on an airplane and flew down to California were Dwayne’s parents and three siblings live.  This is not to imply they live close together, but we all met up in Auburn, close to UC Davis.  Our nephew’s fiancé went to school with the daughter of the owner of a Victorian B&B up north, and, amazingly, managed to arrange a wonderful deal for the entire family to be all together for 4 days.

Debi is Dick and Darlene’s only daughter, and she has more style and party-sense in her little finger than the rest of us put together.  Honestly, I thought that getting ourselves down to CA was present enough (it never occurred to me to even get a card—but I got us down there!) but Debi made sure it was a very special occasion. 























All I’m saying is that this….



…led to these….



….which gave rise to all of those!



Look how two turned into nineteen…and counting!



Congratulations, Dick and Darlene!  The best gift was getting time together.

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