Friday, January 17, 2014


Wes 2

Wesley, as the youngest, does get dragged around on behind the Mama Engine sometimes.  Today, we were at school early to do a photographic project with the kindergartners, before volunteering in the library, then off to Kyla’s classroom to read during lunch before picking Piper up at the end of her half day. 

He may have gotten a little bored standing around in the cold this morning as I worked on getting good pictures of other students.  He may have actually wandered so far off (yes, without me noticing) that someone brought him back saying he was all the way in the parking lot, which for us, is a good chunk towards home.  Luckily, he curled up into himself and just looked photogenic the rest of the shoot.  And since I lost my camera weeks ago, it was nice to get a non-fuzzy shot of him.

This what we got of Piper today:Piper 1

I’ll show you the whole project when it’s done!

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