Monday, January 13, 2014

I Swear, No One’s Getting Out of Here Unscathed

We had a dinner guest last Sunday, so Piper and Wes gave him their royal treatment.


january 010



january 018



january 019


And who gets all this special attention?  Papa Jim, of course!

 january 021

Jim knows to come over on Sunday evenings because that’s when Dwayne’s in charge of dinner.  We’d go broke if he cooked every night, but wow!  My man can cook!


And Wesley must be getting less critical of who he gropes.  He alternated putting his hand then his head under Dwayne’s shirt.  Yep, Babe, I feel your pain.  Do you feel mine?

january 035

january 042


And poor Timmy got to go for a car ride courtesy of Piper Taxi.  Whether he wanted to or not, it appears. 

ijanuary 051

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