Monday, November 11, 2013

Pacific Science Center

11-11 Pacific Science Center 11

The problem with Kyla being in school full-day is we now have to go to fun places whenever everyone else does, so on Veteran’s Day, I packed up the kids, radioed in backup (my parents) and we went down to Seattle. 


We are waiting for Grandpa to grow up.  Maybe he just needs to find a smaller table.



This is Kyla’s look right before she gets so frustrated that she falls completely apart.  We are doing a logic puzzle. 

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If a mirror can change my body this much, can it at least get rid of the zits on my face?

11-11 Pacific Science Center 16


The butterfly pavilion is always a favorite.  Who knew butterflies liked checks?



This is me wondering how long Piper will need to pout because Wesley got to put the ears on the bunny he was working on.

11-11 Pacific Science Center 14


We needed a little fresh air and run around time before we drove back home.  Kyla is being her usual OAN (Oldest Available Need) and helping her Wes climb.


Wesley had a 30 minute pout before going in to full-tantrum mode (Piper joined him in this as we went to the car).


While Wesley pouted, Kyla got to go down the fountain and get herself drenched.  But she kept her spirits, even in November with no coat!  You go, OAN!

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