Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas at the Cabin

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast at my parents'  (Thanks, Mom!) and then we headed off to the cabin for the rest of the weekend.

We had to bring the kittens this time since they are still too young to be fed to the coyotes left at home alone for three days.  They are cute and significantly less trouble than children, even if they do make me wheeze.11-29 cats at cabin


There were so many great things about the Holiday kick-off on the island, but our favorite was the tree-lighting in Langley on Friday night.

Yep, one single tree in a tiny park.  Okay, so it wasn’t so much about the tree.

november 012


It was about the “You’re a Goonovember 004d Man, Charlie Brown” actors performing a few songs from the upcoming play.  It was the Shifty Sailors bringing out the accordion and guitars and leading a crowd through a dozen songs.





november 007

It was definitely running into the few friends we’ve made on the island, and then meeting more new friends.  And it certainly was the rein-alpacas (yes, Kyla, those red antlers are real. Certainly. Just like those elves.) bringing in Santa to our favorite small town.

november 016

november 021

Shops were open past 4pm-it was quite a ruckus!  We bought knitting needles at the yarn shop and a gluten free cupcake at the Commons.  Yeah, we know how to party in Langley!

And Dwayne came up with the best way to wrangle Wesley.  It was about the happiest he had been all afternoon.

november 014

november 015

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