Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Dwayne Day!


How embarrassing—I forgot to take any pictures of Dwayne until the day after Father’s Day. But we didn’t forget about Daddy.  The kids made a list:

25 Reasons We Love Daddy

1. He lets us do fun things! W

2. He wrestles with us! K

3. He loves me. P

4. He cooks excellent dinners. K

5. He’s great.

6. He lets us watch Vultron.

7. He married Mama.

8. Helps us move heavy things

9. He’s the best dad in the entire world.

10. He plays with kids.

11. He jumps us high on the trampoline.

12. He’s great at art.

13. He loves making us mocktails. He’s a drink-making expert.

14. He loves our mom.

15. He takes us out to dinner. He once took us out to our favorite breakfast place. When Mom isn’t around, he takes us out for meals.

16. I like how he plays with us in the pool!

17. He’s the sole provider for our family.

18. He wants to teach me how to program

19. He’s an excellent trellis- and stair-builder. And he let’s me help him!

20. He lets us get toys at McDonald’s.

21. He takes us to great places, like Oregon and California.

22. He snuggles with us. He cuddles us.

23. He’s fun and happy and makes us laugh.

24. He loves us!

25. He’s nice to us.

By Kyla, Piper, and Wesley 6/18/2017


We celebrated by meeting my parents for a walk in Denny Park along the Kirkland waterfront, to prove to ourselves that, yes, walking up long, steep hills is hard.  The kids found trees to climb, streams to wade in, and worked up an appetite for celebratory gelato in downtown Kirkland. Grandpa didn’t seem to mind it either!


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