Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother’s Day

5-8 Mothers Day 25-8 Mothers Day 1

Forgive me if I think my kid, even through a broken camera lens, is kinda cute.  His baby blues make my Mother’s Day!

So did his gift—a book of poems from kindergarten.

5-8 Mothers Day 3

5-8 Mothers Day 4

5-8 Mothers Day 5

Dwayne made a little something special for Mother’s Day Dessert—his famous crème brulee, with raspberries and mint leaves.  Thanks, Babe!

5-8 Mothers Day 6

Somehow, Wes was the only one on camera today, but he didn’t like the red and green on his.  Simple tastes.

5-8 Mothers Day 7

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