Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ready for Hogwarts

With some initial reluctance on my girls’ part, I trapped the kids in the van for a few long car rides and made them listen to the first Harry Potter, as narrated by the talented Jim Dale.  A few pages in, they were all hypnotized.  We listened to it several times before we watched the movie (we have all of the DVDs at the cabin). 

Watching any movie more dramatic than PBS is like giving Kyla an ecstasy and speed cocktail—she runs up and down stairs, hides behind furniture before running outside to do a few laps around the house and climb a tree before she peeks back at the screen and does it all again.  Piper gets close and closer to her mama and says she’s scares but can’t stop watching. Wesley sucks his fingers and gropes the person closest to him (whether or not he’s watching a video). 

IMG_2711But they all loved it, proven by Wesley finding my witch’s hat with our autumn decorations.  He grabbed it and ran to the bathroom.  He came back in a moment with his shirt off and bathrobe on, saying excitedly, “Mama, I’m wearing my Hogwarts robes!  I’m a wizard!”









Piper wasn’t going to stand for Wesley going to Hogwarts before IMG_2713her, so she ran to her bedroom to get her best witch clothes and posed for me with the hat.  Later they all found the adult-sized Gryffindor robe and tie that, ahem, is in my closet and wands that had previously been mistaken for sticks. It was a fun afternoon with my little witches and wizards!

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