Sunday, March 23, 2014

Burn Notice: How a 3 year old jumped the shark

All five of us love NetFlix, and Dwayne and I specially enjoy finding a series we can binge-watch.  Burn Notice was one of them, and we had watched through Season 6, waiting a year or so for NetFlix to post the final season.  Finally, it was released.

Burn Notice is a story of a “burned” spy, and every episode is littered with car chases, explosions, near misses, clever twists, and McGyver-like problem solving.  All good fun.  The seventh season, knowing it was the last, actually managed to up the explosives and death-defying stunts.  Still good fun.  And then they introduced a 3-year-old boy, who is always quiet, immediately obedient, likes to color quietly for hours where he is put, never argues with an adult, is always fully and appropriately clothed and shod, only says, “Okay”, “All right”, “I love you”,  and is always calm even when strange men with guns show up threatening his grandmother.  They totally lost me.  I can handle that if this show were even slightly true, a quarter of Miami’s population would be dead and half the buildings razed (ah, Fiona and her C-4…), but throw in a perfectly behaved 3- year-old and the show no longer was able to continue suspending my willing disbelief.

Thanks for nothing, Wesley.  And Piper.  And Kyla.

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Deanna said...

I laughed so loudly at this... Burn Notice was Eric's favorite show, and this never occurred to him!!!