Thursday, July 11, 2013

Turtle Bay, Redding, CA

The most famous attraction at  Turtle Bay is the world’s largest sundial bridge.  Actually, I think it is the largest sundial, and it just happens to be a bridge. 



The clock side has plaques like this, so you can tell the time pretty accurately, if  you can adjust for the date (it’s exact only on June 20).



But we weren’t really there to set our watches.  K, P, &  W were determined to catch minnows in the icy Sacramento.


I have not been a mother to these particular kids for so long for nothing.  There was a change of clothes for each child and a plastic bag in the backpack, along with enough snacks and lunch for my hobbits.  None of my preparations went unused. 


Of course, we are not in Red Bluff, CA for the minnow fishing.  We have family to be with.  Dwayne’s oldest brother & Co (wonderful wife and 3 wonderful nearly-grown children) met us there and were equal-partners in our adventures. 

And by “equal”, we mean our three got people to carry them fairly regularly.  Thanks, Isaac and Kara!



Turtle Bay is great fun (and, if you have that extra sticker on your children’s museum membership, free!) and we spent all afternoon exploring the exhibits. 







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